An innovation challenge to find the best
products and ideas in mobile authentication
Emergent Authentication Challenge
With mass hackings, data leakage and loss consistently in the headlines, access control and authentication are increasingly important issues for users from individuals to large organizations. One emerging strand of solutions is focused on using an external device as a security token.
Security consultant & IT solutions provider Emergent Consulting is exploring innovative new ways to use external devices in the authentication process. Launching the challenge, Emergent Consulting is seeking to identify and reward innovative ideas/products that employ devices such as cell phones, tablet computers and USB sticks from startups and SMEs.
The winner of the competition will receive a USD $10,000 cash prize.
The entry deadline has now passed and the challenge is closed for new submissions.
Update 27/8/12: The winner of the Emergent Authentication Challenge has been chosen. Read more about the winning entry here.